Thursday, 13 February 2014

Activity Spotlight: Golfing in Seychelles

Four Seasons launches beach driving range on Mahé

The Seychelles mainland of Mahé - with its small 9-hole course - may not be the golfer’s first choice destination, but Four Seasons Resort Seychelles has created a new Sunset Golf experience that is sure to compensate.

With the setup along the stunning Petite Anse beach and entirely encompassed in the horseshoe-shaped bay that the Resort surrounds, this mini-driving range is one of the most spectacular in the world.

As General Manager Alex Porteous explains the motivation behind this concept; "The Ocean is the perfect expanse in which to drive golf balls, but going against our resort’s “Living Values” philosophy by polluting the ecosystem with hundreds of golf balls is simply not an option. So we use Ecobioballs. This product is 100 percent safe to any plant and animal marine life 
thanks to its cleverly-designed outer shell that biodegrades in less than 48 hours, releasing fish food into the water. So while you’re enjoying a fabulous evening of sunset golf, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are providing a sumptuous dinner for our local marine life."
So now you can tee-off into the great big blue with a clean conscience. Not only that, but you can combine it with a top-class experience.
Guests will have the opportunity to drive golf balls into the ocean, and try and reach the different yard-markers set out in the bay. This is of course is accompanied by delicious refreshing cocktails and an exquisite Seychelles sunset.
With a start time of 6:00 pm, the hour-long sunset can be enjoyed in full from the moment it begins on this west coast beach until it has dropped well below the horizon, throwing beams of orange, red and purple light across the sky.
Only one session can take place every evening, offering an exclusive experience, as the Resort’s Leisure Experience Manager Diarmuid Connolly explains. "This is the ultimate one-in-a-lifetime golfing experience and a truly unique evening in Seychelles. Even if you’re not a golfer, or you’re travelling with a golfer, you can try it out, and even if you discover you’re not the next US Masters champion, you can still enjoy a beautiful sunset and a cocktail."

“You normally play golf onto the green but, here in Seychelles, blue is the new green,” adds Mr. Porteous.

A game with 20 Ecobioballs, a sunset cocktail, use of clubs and driving mats is priced at €40 per person, plus service charge and local taxes.
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