Friday, 31 January 2014

Hotel Update: Constance Lemuria

Baby sea turtles swim out to sea!

15th January 2014 - Once again, the landscaping staff of Constance Lemuria Resort successfully released some 100 baby sea turtles into the ocean from Grand Anse Kerlan Beach, Praslin as the both tourists and locals witnessed such a unique experience.

“During January to early April there are times when baby sea turtles end up in the gardens of the resort instead of the sea. Staff would collect them and release them later on in the afternoon when one is sure that all have been found," says Mr. Adrian Allison, Constance Lemuria Resort’s Landscaping Manager.
"Constance Lemuria Resort has been doing this practice for the last six years and this operation happens three times a year whereby almost 300 baby sea turtles are freed to thesea. The guests of the hotel are always invited to attend this exceptional event and it becomes one of the highlights of their stay in Seychelles," he added.   |

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