Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hotel Updates: Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island featured in Gulf News Magazine 

So, there’s no lock on the bathroom then?” “No lock? There’s no wall,” laughed the hotel rep as he showed me to my beachfront spa cottage, explaining the ‘barefoot luxury’ experience of Denis Island Resort, a tiny – just 1.3km by 1.75km – coralline crescent situated a 30-minute flight away from the Seychelles' main island of Mahé.

A former coconut plantation, this privately owned slice of paradise has now been developed for ecotourism, and guests are expected to embrace the wireless and lockless serenity of a place where there are no keys in your room, no internet, no TV, no phone signal and the cuisine consists almost exclusively of produce reared on the island’s own organic farm.

Twenty minutes later and I was soaking up the au naturel experience for myself, quite
literally. Sinking down into the scented humidity of a hot bath, I had 
an uninterrupted view of my private garden courtyard – complete with al fresco shower and massage pavilion – as its lush foliage danced and glittered under the force of the tropical rainstorm that had just begun outside. 

Fat monsoon droplets pinged into my bath water, while a sunburst of bright orange Madagascan fody birds preened themselves and a gloriously gigantic pea-green gecko eyeballed me from the bathroom coving. If there’s such a thing as being ‘at one’ with nature, this was it.

And there’s no better way to experience the wild romance of 
a country that’s so full of unique flora and fauna it has become a world leader in sustainable tourism.

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