Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hotel Updates: Constance Lemuria Resort

Constance Lemuria Resort undertakes Coral Garden Project

The hotel has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nature Seychelles concerning the implementation of a project for the restoration of a coral garden at Petit Anse Kerlan, Praslin.

Nature Seychelles will train the hotel’s dive staff in monitoring and in raising awareness of the new coral garden. This operation started during the second week of April 2014 with the first dives of technical specialists. The transplanting of coral will take more or less one month.

Through the project, Constance Lemuria Resort and Nature Seychelles are piloting the first-ever large scale active reef restoration project in the region using ‘coral gardening.' 

Coral gardening involves collecting small pieces of healthy coral, raising them in underwater nurseries and then transplanting them to degraded sites that have been affected by coral bleaching. 

50,000 fragments of coral have been raised in underwater nurseries and a further 15,000 transplanted in degraded areas. The long-term “success” of this mass transplantation is yet to be monitored, but the project has already had a very positive knowledge building impact.

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