Thursday, 10 April 2014

Upcoming Events: La Tuna band tour Seychelles

The tastes and sounds of Spain come to Seychelles

For the first time, Seychelles will have the opportunity to experience true Spanish culture thanks to the efforts of The Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Seychelles Tourism Board and Mason’s Travel., who have teamed up to bring us La Tuna – the famed traditional Spanish musicians who have entertained the likes of popes, kings, queens and celebrities. And not to mention an array of fine Spanish cuisine to compliment the performances!

So who is La Tuna?

A “tuna” is a Spanish university band that plays folkloric songs, and has long been a tradition in Spain.

La Tuna, which is visiting us, happens to be the oldest and most famous of these “tunas.” La Tuna Universitaria de Salamanca has been around since the University of Salamanca was founded in Spain in 1218, and historically, poor students would perform and sing for food and money to make a living while attending the university.

Today La Tuna continues to sing and play wearing the same costumes the members used to wear back in 13th century.

La Tuna is very popular worldwide and they are regularly hired to perform in the world´s most renowned auditoriums, hotels, restaurants and weddings. They ate also a regular feature at in social and cultural events such as street festivals, musical fairs and carnivals the world over.

What brings them to Sunny Seychelles?

In a joint effort between Mason’s Travel, STB and the ministry of Tourism and Culture, La Tuna comes to our shores to over us a unique cultural exchange and unforgettable opportunity to experience Spanish culture at its finest.

Their visit is aimed at Integrating and bringing closer Seychelles and Spanish Cultures, as well as promoting Seychelles as a tourism destination towards all Latin Markets (Spain, Portugal and South America).

So where can I catch them?

La Tuna will be performing at various venues across Mahé and Praslin over the coming week.  On Friday, the festivities set off at an opening function at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture which includes a concert performance for local orphans and all public are invited for a taste of Spanish melodies. Following this, La Tuna will be performing at the Seychelles Yacht Club’s 50th anniversary, which includes Spanish cuisine.

On Saturday, La Tuna will be performing at a special Spanish themed dinner at the Indian Ocean Lodge on Praslin.

On Monday, a special Spanish Sunset Cruise aboard Mason Travel’s catamaran Anahita, offers guests a unique opportunity to experience Spanish culture combined with a sunset cruise, sangria and tapas.

On Wednesday 16 April they will be at Bazar Labrin performing with local la Troupe National in a promenade performance and Moutya fire for a fusion between the Spanish and Seychelles cultures.
The official closing ceremony will be held at Eden Plaza on Thursday 17 April at 6pm for a public performance for whoever wishes to attend.

{ This article, by Niki Gower, was originally published 
 in the TODAY in Seychelles Newspaper ( }

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