Thursday, 28 August 2014

Yacht Charter: Seychelles Yacht Charter

Seychelles Yacht Charter Introduces Outer Island Packages

October is the start of the calmer northwest monsoon season the ideal time for yacht charter in the Seychelles. A new product will be on offer to the outer islands of Seychelles for charter: A ‘shadow package’ offering two high end vessels from the Seychelles Yacht Charter fleet.

What is a ‘Shadow Package’? Two vessels will shadow each other as part of the package. One vessel – a Fontaine Pajot catamaran - is used as the hotel base with all the comforts of a small luxury hotel and an experienced crew to please, whilst the other vessel – a Riviera sport-fisher - offers the possibility of exploring and fishing the reefs of the outer islands.

Islands, epitomising the dream of untouched splendour, such as Platte, African banks, the Amirantes  and many others can be added to your custom Seychelles travel itinerary.

The packages offer full board on two vessels, full services of crew, private charter flights to and from islands at start and end of charter, use of 48ft sports fisher for fishing. Other activities include snorkelling, island visits kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. 

For more details on these packages of length of seven to ten days and more please contact Mason’s travel.   |

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