Monday, 8 September 2014

Hotel Updates: Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island takes part in the Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival

The Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival is an event organised to raise public awareness of issues relating to marine turtle conservation within the Seychelles. It is an opportunity to highlight existing initiatives, to promote future partnerships and celebrate the Seychelles marine turtle population. The second annual Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival took place this year on the 8th and 9th August 2014 and Denis Private Island was a proud participant.

The turtle festival brings together government departments, local NGOs, schools and private enterprises for two days of activities, community stalls and live entertainment. The highlight of the event this year was undoubtedly the ‘Family Fun Day’ which took place on Saturday 9th August which was held at Beau Vallon beach. The ‘Family Fun Day’ highlighted the work that different organisations undertake to raise awareness of issues surrounding turtle conservation and to foster a better understanding of global threats to marine turtles.

Denis Private Island is one of the tourism establishments in the Seychelles which greatly support such endeavours, for example through its turtle-monitoring programmes and projects to raise awareness and protect sea turtles. Both Hawksbill and Green Turtles are globally endangered but are frequently found in Seychelles waters, and in great numbers around Denis Private Island. Turtles face threats such as poaching, entanglement in fishing nets and the destruction of nesting beaches through coastal development. With the island’s concept that focuses greatly on the preservation of the natural environment and thus the protection of land and marine life, efforts are continuously undertaken by the Denis Private Island Team in collaboration with the Green Islands Foundation in the protection of Sea Turtles. For more information on the work done by these two organisations click on the following link: