Saturday, 4 October 2014

Conservation News: Constance Lemuria Resort & Spa

Lémuria Resort Contracts Expert to Help Save Sea Turtles

The three beaches of the Constance Lemuria Resort—Grand Anse Kerlan, Petite Anse Kerlan, and Anse Georgette—together host more nesting sea turtles than all other beaches of Praslin combined. In light of this huge significance to conservation, the management of the resort want to ensure the preservation  of this vital habitat.

Thus, Constance Lémuria has contracted sea turtle expert Dr. Jeanne Mortimer to work with the resort's current Turtle Manager Robert and Landscape Manager Adrian to produce a management plan for the sea turtles of Lémuria.

Why does Lémuria host so many nesting turtles? According to Dr. Mortimer it is because the Lémuria Resort has done such a wonderful job of preserving the natural beach vegetation behind the nesting beaches.

These beach crest plants, especially the Scaevola (known locally as “Veloutya”), serve the following functions:
  • Shield the nesting beach from artificial light coming from the hotel facilities at night. When artificial light is visible on the beach at night, it discourages female turtles from nesting and disorients hatchling turtles en route from the nest to the sea.
  • Protect the beach itself from erosion;
  • Provide shade for turtle nests.

Apart from being vital from a conservation standpoint, the preservation of the nesting sites within the resort's grounds also ensure that these sea turtles will return for generations to come, a special attraction for guests visiting Constance Lemuria Resort & Spa. 

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