Monday, 6 October 2014

Seychelles in the Spotlight: Celebrities Seek Romance on our Shores

The Clooneys Choose Seychelles for their Honeymoon 

What better way to follow the wedding of the year than to honeymoon on an exclusive island in paradise Seychelles, far from the maddening crowds and safe from the prying eyes of international media.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin  have returned to Seychelles for a second time this year, but this time around as husband and wife,  following their $4.6 million wedding celebration at a posh waterfront hotel in front of family, friends and celebrities such as Bill Murray, Matt Damon and Bono.
The Oscar-winning actor and the British-Lebanese lawyer are reported to be staying on North Island,known for its luxury and privacy, and join a growing number of global elite who pick Seychelles as their destination  of choice for romantic getaways. 
In 2011, Prince William and wife Kate Middleton spent their honeymoon in Seychelles, whilst Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault spent theirs visiting our islands in 2009. Also, Brad Pitt and then-wife Jennifer Aniston spent their 2000 honeymoon in Seychelles, while David and Victoria Beckham celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in our country. 

Seychelles may be the prestigious island getaway and exclusive destination where the rich and famous play undisturbed,  but it is also in reach for anyone who wishes to visit our sunny shores and experience paradise for themselves - no matter what their budget. And that goes for weddings and honeymoons too! If you are thinking of getting married, honeymooning, renewing your vows or even proposing in paradise, then download our Free Guide to Getting Married in Seychelles (or our Free Guide to Selling Weddings in Seychelles). CLICK HERE!