Saturday, 13 December 2014

Mason's Travel News

Mason's Travel Sponsors the Seychelles National Conservation Fishing League

Mason's Travel is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC) to unveil the country's first ever Seychelles National Conservation Fishing League. 
This league seeks to encourage all anglers in Seychelles to conserve billfish by tagging and releasing with The Bill Fish program throughout the year whenever they are fishing. 
 "SSFC is encouraging all involved in the recreational and sports fishing sectors to enter this league.  Billfish stocks are under pressure worldwide and this is an important first step by SSFC to continue conservation of the Seychelles billfish stock," explained Mr. Grant Heyer Secretary Seychelles Sports Fishing Club. 

"The Conservation Fishing League will not only help protect billfish species but also play an important role gathering data for scientific and educational purposes to learn more about the Seychelles marine environment."

Mason's Travel's Branding and Communications Manager, Nicole St. Ange added that, "
Mason's Travel takes great pride to be part of such a worthwhile and successful event for the sustainability of Seychelles' fishing industries. We are proud to be encouraging a culture of Catch & Release through this league,  as this is vital in protecting our unique environment in Seychelles and our fish stocks for generations to come."

The league is open to all charter boats and anglers in Seychelles and even tourists can qualify to be in the league - you do not need to be a SSFC member. SSFC will gladly welcome ALL into the league in support of ongoing conservation efforts. Anglers can earn points for the league every day of the year!

The league has 4 categories:
1.) Charter Boat Skipper 
2.) Recreational & Sports Fishing Skipper 
3.) Angler – 17 yrs and over at time of registration
4.) Junior – 11-16 yrs old at time of registration

All participants need to do is tag and release any billfish caught as well as fill out the tag card and email to the SSFC, which will then take care of all the administrative work. Please note that photos are required.

SSFC can provide you with all your TBF supplies for participation in this league, please contact them directly by clicking HERE!