Friday, 5 December 2014

Conservation News: Help Save Indian Ocean Bird Species

Saving Endangered Species in Seychelles and Mauritius

There is a big fundraising scheme to help fund veterinary support for endemic species such as the Seychelles Magpie Robin.  Wildlife Vets International, a British veterinary charity, aims to help the Seychelles islands and Mauritius's critically endangered birds and animals.

Wildlife Vets international is mapping out a programme to deliver veterinary expertise and training, which is currently lacking on the islands, to support these unique species. 

Raising funds through The Big Give Christmas Challenge will help save some of the Indian Ocean islands' rarest creatures from the threat of extinction. In Seychelles, conservationists are working to secure endemic bird species like the Seychelles paradise flycatcher, olive white eye and magpie robin. Whereas in Mauritius, the aims are to establish new populations of the echo parakeet, pink pigeon and Mauritius kestrel.

To learn more watch the campaign video on the following link: Steve Leonard introduces trouble in paradise, and visit the Wildlife Vet International's website or Nature Seychelles's website for your donation.

Article & Photograph Courtesy the Green Islands Foundation, find out more, CLICK HERE!