Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hotel Updates: Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island Wins World Luxury Hotel Award 

Denis Private Island is pleased to announce that it has recieved a World Luxury Hotel Award for 2014.

The resort has won the "Luxury Hotel - Best Scenic Environment" in the 
continent category  - a prestigious accolade bearing testament to the unique and pristine natural the environment the island offers. 

Surrounded by pristine coral gardens and fringed by snow white beaches, Denis Private Island has all the makings of the perfect tropical island getaway, and remains a unique jewel in the crown of Seychelles' most beautiful islands. 

The calm, safe waters around the island are perfect for leisurely swims or exciting snorkeling experiences, while world class scuba diving and deep sea fishing awaits just offshore. 

The interior of the island is marked by vast indigenous forest with various trails and nature walks which allow guests the opportunity to explore this pristine natural wonderland. Guided walks afford an educational experience as guests are introduced to the many species that find sanctuary on Denis Island - many rare and endemic.

Denis Private Island is also an important breeding colony for various species of turtle, which return annually to lay their eggs and renew the circle of life. Guests delight in the opportunity to experience females coming ashore to lay, or throngs of hatchlings making for the ocean. 

The island's natural heritage is preserved through concerted efforts by the owners and management whom are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of this beautiful and valuable ecosystem. Various conservation projects, both on land and marine, are in place to maintain the natural balance and promote sustainable running of the island. An organic farm provides fresh vegetables, herbs, dairy, meat and poultry to the resort limiting the carbon footprint of the hotel. 

What makes this even better is that Denis Private Island only holds a single resort, ensuring that guests get to exclusively explore and enjoy the island and its pristine environment. 

Discover paradise and experience barefoot luxury at its finest, visit Denis Private Island, Seychelles. Contact your Mason's Travel representative for more information.

Denis Private Island Seychelles

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