Sunday, 25 January 2015

Upcoming Events: Festival Kreol

Seychelles prepares for 30th anniversary of Festival Kreol

In October 2015, Seychelles Festival Kreol will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The festival, which is a celebration of Creole culture, both in the Seychelles Archipelago and the wider global Creole community. 

To mark this milestone, Seychelles has rallied all of its resources to make this year’s edition of Festival Kreol, one of a "kind," according to the country's Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Benjamine Rose, Chairperson of the Festival Kreol committee, and Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange Minister for Tourism and Culture met with the events committee to 
 get feed- back on  last year's event and see how the committee can bring a fresh touch to the 2015 edition. 

A deadline of March 2015 has been set to come out with a comprehensive program of the festival and start a real marketing campaign of the festival, on the international arena.

Benjamine Rose, Chairperson of thFestival 
Kreol committee, and Minister for Tourism and
 Culture, Alain St Ange
Minister St. Ange emphasised that Festival Kreol should be marketed overseas at Seychelles Tourism trade fairs to allow interested travellers the opportunity to plan their visits to coincide with this cultural festival. Minister St Ange also spoke of a national and international lottery for Festival Kreol.

‘’ We will mark the 30th anniversary of Festival Kreol with a national lottery, which we will issue during the course of the upcoming months to market Festival Kreol. We will also issue an international lottery and the grand winner will get a chance to travel to Seychelles and attend Festival Kreol," he announced. .  

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