Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Special Announcement: Cat Cocos Inter-Island Ferry

Changes to Ferry Schedules on 16 January 2015

Dear Esteemed Partner/Colleague,

The Management of the Inter Island Boats would like to inform you that due to charter on Friday 16th January 2015, the trips on that day will be as follows:

Friday 16th January 2015

Mahe to Praslin                                           07h30 (Normal Schedule)
La Digue/Mahe via Praslin                        08h15 instead of 08h00 (Amended Trip)
La Digue to Praslin                                     08h15 instead of 08h00 (Amended trip)
Praslin to Mahe                                           09h00 (Normal schedule)
Mahe/La Digue via Praslin                        10h30 instead of 10h00(Amended Trip)
La Digue/Praslin                                         11h00 (Extra trip)
Praslin/La Digue                                         11h45 instead of 11h15 (Amended Trip)  
Praslin to Mahe                                           13h00 (Normal schedule)
La Digue/Mahe via Praslin                        12h30 (Cancelled)
Praslin/La Digue                                         16h00 (Extra Trip)
Mahe/La Digue via Praslin                        16h30 (Amended Trip)
Mahe/La Digue (Direct)                            17h00 (Cancelled)    
Praslin/La Digue                                         17h45 (Extra Trip)
Praslin/Mahe                                               18h00 (Normal schedule)

The Management of the Inter Island Boats would like to thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation.

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