Monday, 16 February 2015

Ferry Schedule Update

Cat Cocos: Extra Trip Friday 20 February & Sunday 22 February

The Management of the Inter Island Boats would like to inform you that on Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd February, there will be an extra trip as follows :

Friday 20th February

Mahe/Praslin                                                                     07h30 (Normal Schedule)
La Digue/Mahe (Direct)                                                08h00 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/Mahe                                                                     09h00 (Normal Schedule)
Mahe/Praslin                                                                     10h00 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/La Digue                                                                11h15 (Normal Schedule)
La Digue/Mahe via Praslin                                            12h30 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/Mahe                                                                     13h00 (Normal Schedule)
Mahe/Praslin                                                                     16h30 (Normal Schedule)
Mahe/La Digue (Direct)                                                17h00 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/Mahe                                                                     18h00 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/Mahe                                                                     18h30 (Extra Trip)

Sunday 22nd February

La Digue/Mahe via Praslin                                            07h00 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/Mahe                                                                     07h30 (Normal Schedule)
Mahe/La Digue via Praslin                                            09h00 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/La Digue                                                                10h15 (Normal Schedule)
Mahe/Praslin                                                                     11h00 (Normal Schedule)
La Digue/Mahe via Praslin                                            14h15 (Normal Schedule)
Praslin/Mahe                                                                     15h00 (Normal Schedule)
Mahe/Praslin instead of Mahe/Pras/La Digue     16h30 (Amended Trip)
Mahe/La Digue                                                                 17h30 (Direct- Extra Trip)
Praslin/Mahe                                                                     18h00 (Normal Schedule)

The Management of the Inter Island Boats would like to thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation.