Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hotel Updates: Chalets d’Anse Forbans

Chalets d’Anse Forbans - doing it right for the Hawksbill Turtle

Chalets d’Anse Forbans is a Seychelles Self Catering establishment located on the South Eastern Tip of Mahe Island. The establishment is locally managed by a Seychellios family and will shortly celebrate 21 years of operation this year. 

They have been referred to on social media as an organization which champions environment and climate change issues. They are very aware of their role in sustainability and importance in terms of their location. All the self catering beach chalets/cottages can be found RIGHT ON a hawksbill turtle nesting beach. This has lead them to ensure their beach is cleaned regularly by them to prevent pollution being taken by the ocean and possibly eaten or even entanging a turtle. They educate their clients on the best practices if they view a turtle for nesting or hatchlings. They also patrol their beach regularly and report to the Marine Conservation any concerns.

Why do they do this you may ask?  While the Seychelles holds the largest remaining population of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle in the Western Indian Ocean. It has been stated that more nesting is being observed by the Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles around the southern tip of the Mahe namely that of Takamaka (Chalets d Anse Forbans Location), Grand Police and Intendance. All areas of less development and human activity!

The past month of February 2015, the guests of Chalets d Anse Forbans have been extremely privileged to have experienced approximately 500 hatchlings from their beach of Anse Forbans. It is vital when that the hatchlings emerge from their nest that they walk on the beach sand so they get the scent to return to the same stretch of beach they were laid on some 30 years later when they are mature enough to return for breeding. The guests where totally amazed and one client even stated it was a once in a life time holiday and now a life time memory. This is exactly what Chalets d Anse Forbans strives to provide for their guests lasting memories of the amazing Seychelles.

A concerning note for future generations 

As stated by the Seychelles Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing State Issues,  Ronny Jumeau, who stated on Chalets d’ Anse Forbans recent newsletter- "Climate change will upset the balance of the sexes of the hatchlings. As the temperatures increase the nests' temperatures increase and more and more females hatchling are produced creating the imbalance of the sexes for future generations.” 

We need to work closer together and preserve our amazing world and our islands to ensure we give last memories to future generations and this is exactly what Chalets d’ Anse Forbans is doing.

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