Thursday, 23 April 2015

Restaurants: Delplace

Eating Oysters in Seychelles

You may think, being an island nation, that you would be able to eat yourself stuffed on oysters when you visit Seychelles. But alas, these delicious delicacies do not occur naturally in our waters. 

However thankfully, if you know where to look, you may just be able to enjoy a batch of ice cold oysters and champagne. 

One such place where you'll find freshly imported oysters - "Fresh Oysters from France" to be exact - is Delplace Restuarant in Port Launay on Mahé Island.  ( At time of writing, a plate of 6 ice-cold oysters costs SCR 360.00 ). 

The restaurant itself - offering trendy charm and exquisite views - is a great place to eat, even if you aren't on an oyster hunt, and offers a selection of Mediterranean style dishes, including pizzas, pastas and fresh seafood platters.

The best time to visit is around sunset where you will be afforded one of the most beautiful displays of solar-painting on the island, as the sun dips between and behind the islands of Isle Therese, Isle Lilot and the north-western coast of Mahé - and with one of Delplace's delicious cocktails in hand you just might feel like you have found your paradise. 

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Article by Niki Gower, NGMC Seychelles