Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hotel Updates: Paradise Sun Hotel

Paradise Sun Contributes to Earth Hour with special dinner

In light of their ongoing commitment to limiting the hotels impact on the environment, which includes a number of sustainable programmes designed to maximize their use of energy and water, Paradise Sun organised a special event in tribute to this year's Earth Hour. 

Celebrated on the 28th of March, Earth Hour sees participants around the globe switching off all electronic devices for one hour, in and effort to give the planet a break from the huge demands of every day consumption.

In recognition of this year's Earth Hour Paradise Sun Hotel created a magical candlelight dinner for its guests, in order to raise awareness of this special event. 

The hotel reports that it was "so heartening" to see their guests take part and contribute to an evening dedicated to climate change and to "know that we all can make a difference albeit in a very small way," thanking their guests for being responsible tourists.

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