Saturday, 16 May 2015

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Labour Day Team Building Event

To celebrate this year's Labour Day holiday, a team of about 40 Mason's Travel staff set off for a day of hiking, sailing and adventure.

Lead by Mason's Travel's Managing Director, Mr. Alan Mason, the group set off early in the day with a hike through the Morne Seychelles National Park along a trail known as the "
Mare aux Cochon" route.

This walk saw the team enter the trail on Le Niole Road, in the north of Mahé Island, and wind through the mountains via the Mare aux Cochon marshland and the ruins of an old cinnamon distillery. Walking through lush vegetation and with breathtaking views of the local scenery and the ocean, this 3 to 4 hour hike ends on the north western coast of the island at the beautiful bay of Port Launay.

Here the weary troup had the opportunity to cool off in the crystalline waters and relax on the soft, white sands of this popular beach. One of Mason's Travel's catamarans, Anahita, lay anchored just off shore, and after the team enjoyed a lunch on the beach, it was time to set sail for the second half of the day's activities.  

Sailing from Port Launay to Marine Charter in Victoria, the cruise offers magnificent views of the entire north coast of Mahé. On-board, the group - comprising of staff from various departments within the company - had the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the spectacular scenery that  Seychelles has to offer. 

Things took a more festive turn when Bertrand Esther (Driver) and Francis Aglae (Guide),  picked up their instruments and entertained the team with their repertoire of local and international songs, and the remainder of the cruise was enjoyed with song and dance. 


On arrival at Marine Charter in the late afternoon, one of the staff members had the following to report: "Lunch was nice and the crew were superb.  They did a great job and thanks to them that our day was special. We all had fun."

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Article by Niki Gower, NGMC Seychelles