Monday, 29 June 2015

Conservation News: Denis Private Island

The sooty tern project has started!

May and June are the months in which the sooty terns in Seychelles start their breeding activities. With this onset of the breeding season, the Conservation Team has started up the sooty tern project. The aim of this project is to re-establish a sooty tern population on Denis Island. 

As the neighboring Bird Island houses a enormous breeding population of ca. 700,000 birds and the sooties are known to have bred on Denis, it would be fantastic to see these seabirds returning to the island.

Denis Private Island, where you can 'Experience barefoot luxury at its finest,' is the exclusive island getaway in Seychelles that offers a unique island experience - private beach front chalets open onto an expanse of white sand, activities abound in the safe, crystalline waters around the island, conservation projects ensure the ecosystem remains pristine and the island's own organic farm provides fresh produce to the hotels kitchen (and a great activity for the kids to discover).

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