Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hotel Updates: Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island Featured in Condé Nast Traveller's The World's Best Family Hotels 2015

Denis Private Island - the exclusive Island getaway in Seychelles, where you can 'Experience Barefoot Luxury at its finest' - has been featured in Condé Nast Traveller's The World's Best Family Hotels 2015. 

The article, by Tim Ecott, has this to say about the island paradise: 

"This private island is everything the Seychelles should be. Its 375 acres are beautifully isolated and unspoiled, with palm trees and white, sugar-soft sand. Scattered along the north-west tip are 25 ocean-facing, open-plan cottages, all within easy reach of the main building and its restaurant, bar and freshwater outdoor pool (distance matters when it comes to carrying clobber and the constant to-ing and fro-ing for forgotten sun-cream and favourite toys). Bag the Family Cottage, which sleeps two adults and up to three children (the living room doubles as a second bedroom), or the Beach Villa, which has its own pool so kids can splash around noisily without disturbing anyone else's afternoon nap."

Those with tech-hooked teenagers, be warned: there's a TV and Wi-Fi in the library, but that's it - so they'll have to be cajoled into playing snooker and old-fashioned board games instead. The sheltered, shallow lagoon is ideal for snorkeling, and there are boat trips and diving lessons on offer for the over-10s. Younger ones will be cock-a-hoop over turtles nesting on the beach in October and November (Denis had more than 100 nests last year), and they'll spend hours mesmerized by the giant tortoises in a huge enclosure a few minutes' stroll away."

"Borrow bicycles (no need to worry about venomous snakes or malaria here; nature in the Seychelles is almost all gentle) and take a spin to the farm to pet the pigs and collect chickens' eggs, offering prizes for the first fledgling twitcher to spy the pretty Seychelles magpie robin - one of the world's rarest birds, now breeding on the island - the delicate, orange-winged paradise flycatcher or the velvety warbler. Food is organic and mostly home-grown (the island produces its own yogurt, cheese and all kinds of vegetables), including octopus curry and pumpkin chutney on Creole nights, fresh fish cut into sashimi and barbecues on the beach. A lo-fi, natural paradise."

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