Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hotel Updates: Maia Luxury Resort & Spa

Maia Spa Launches Full Moon Massage

The Full Moon is steeped in ancient folklore and beliefs which exalted its restorative healing  capabilities and powerful energy.

Discover the Full Moon’s enticing and mysterious, ephemeral glow,  with a 90-minute open-air massage, performed from Maia’s highest vantage point, and where you are enveloped by the still bliss of the night. This restorative treatment will imbue a sense of calm  and introspection, as well as awaken your inner beauty. 

Treatments on dates of the Full Moon, or one day on either side as follows: MAY 3,4,5 | JUN 1,2,3 | JUL 1,2,3 AUG 28,29,30 | SEP 27,28,29 | OCT 26,27,28 NOV 25,26,27 | DEC 24,25,26 (advanced bookings recommended).

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