Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hotel Updates: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

 Four Seasons Seychelles Enhances Spa Offerings with New Yi-King Menu

 Four Seasons Resort Seychelles has enhanced is Spa services by recently adding a new Yi-King therapy menu - a specialised Chinese treatment, Yi-king elements are determine by the guests date of birth.

As the perfect paradise escape from daily routines, the white sand shores of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles naturally lend themselves to leisurely paced days of relaxation. Now, to capitalise on this rejuvenating location, the Four Seasons Seychelles resort is introducing a new customised spa and bento box experience - the Yi-King Elements menu - with local spa brand, Yi-King.

Yi-King, a natural spa range created exclusively in the Seychelles, is founded on the eight master elements of ancient Chinese philosophy, which correlate to eight different time periods of the year. Each master element is represented by custom-blended Yi-King oils, which are assigned to guest treatments to match their relative date of birth.

To allow guests the opportunity to extend their wellness experience, the Resort's chefs, led by Executive Chef Dave Minten, have created a specially designed spa cuisine menu using
ingredients that best suit the properties of each Yi-King master element.

Examples from the Yi-King Elements menu are:

  • Master Element: Earth, "The Receptive" (January, 6 - February, 18).
    Types of food: Mildly warm and soft. Flavour: Sweet.

    Yi-King menu: Roasted root vegetable salad with dried fruits served with banana kiss smoothie.
  • Master Element: Thunder, "The Awakener" (February, 19 - April, 8).
    Types of food: Refreshing. Flavour: Fibrous and bitter.
    Yi-King menu: Bitter quinoa salad served with citrus almond spritzer.
  • Master Element: Sky, "The Creator" (July, 7 - August, 22).
    Types of food: Cold, raw and fibrous. Flavour: Sour and bitter.
    Yi-King menu: Green shaved vegetable salad with salmon served with lemon mint fizzle.

The Yi-King bento box can be enjoyed in the Spa, on the beach or while
absorbing the views from a stilted treetop villa.

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