Friday, 14 August 2015

Hotel Updates: Cerf Island Resort

Minister of Environment officially opens Snorkel & Kayak Trail 

Cerf Island Resort, Marine Conservation Society Seychelles, UNDP and Seychelles National Park Authority are partnered together to enhance experience of marine park visitors whilst preserving the biodiversity through minimising negative impact on environment. This culminated in the establishment and launch of a snorkel trail and a kayak trail in St. Anne Marine Park. 

On Friday 7th August, Minister of Environment officially opened the two trails in presence of chairman & staff of MCSS, management of the resort, representatives of UNDP, SNPA and STB. 
Cerf Island Resort has been a private sector partner for the past year with Marine Conservation Society on project titled “Mainstreaming Biodiversity and marine Stewardship approach to conserving Biodiversity”.  

This included complete mapping including habitat mapping for the whole of St Anne National Marine Park, finding habitats of various marine life and sea grass as well as coral areas. The resort hopes to continue further to improve the marine environment as well as tourist experience in the marine park, which of course will be beneficial to guests staying at Cerf Island tourist establishments.

The snorkeling trail quest which is 400 meters and no deeper than 4 meters, begins by snorkeling to the first marker buoy - visible from the resort’s beach. Keeping the reef to your right and heading south you will come across stunning coral formations teeming with colorful fish life. An informational card will be available for the resort’s guest for free, to take along with them on this epic journey. This card will contain pictures of the trail along with all the marine life which may be observed as well as the safety precautions they will need to take.

As for the kayak trail, you may safely explore more of the marine park by simply mooring the kayak to any mooring stations provided and by following the trails. You will be able to see a variety of marine life ranging from sea stars, rays and turtles.

Mason’s Travel congratulates the team at Cerf Island Resort for their involvement with the relevant government bodies to develop such a worthwhile project. This project contributes greatly to the preservation of the Marine Park of St. Anne, but at the same time offering the hotel guests the opportunity to explore the waters using the snorkeling and kayak trails.


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