Monday, 21 September 2015

Live the Seychelles Experience . . . Scuba Diving in Paradise!

Scuba diving in Seychelles' Outer Islands with Ocean Odysseys

Article By Cedric Charlaix

Inhabited by a handful of humans, dominated by birds and tortoises, the outer islands of Seychelles start to appear after a few days crossing from Mahé. For the experienced scuba  diver, the different groups of islands offer some of the best dive sites in the Indian Ocean, and according to some, the world.

The best way to experience the magic of diving these outer islands is aboard Ocean Oddyssey's M/V Maya’s Dugong, which is available for private charter, as Scuba enthusiast Cedric Charlaix describes here.  

 A “scuba heaven” for macro photographers, the reefs of Cosmoledo will leave you speechless. Divers in need of adrenaline will find it drifting in the main channel of Aldabra. Once you are in the tidal current, you will realize how alive the lagoon is. Excellent diving skills are required in this diving realm.

With visibility reaching 60 meters off Assomption, you will see the sea bottom from the deck of M/V  Maya’s Dugong, beckoning you into the deep blue. The pristine coral condition of Astove‘s walls show an untouched environment - when you have the chance to discover such a preserved reef site, you will wish the rest of the world could witness mother Earth’s creation through your eyes. Those walls are like if they were especially for the pleasure and wonder of scuba divers. Dropping to crazy depths, the dive terminates in 5 meters of water.

Whenever you jump into the water, marine life instantly surrounds the dive group. Schools of colorful Fusiliers and Yellow snappers will join you throughout the dive, curious Potato groupers will show you their territory, intrigued Hammerheads sharks, Grey Reef sharks and Silver Tips will pass by and countless sea turtles will lazily try to avoid you.

Drift diving is the only way to dive the outer islands. Once you back roll from the tender, you enter into this breathtaking diving paradise. Dives are scheduled during both low and high tides, to increase the chances to encounter as many fish species as possible. The night dives are rewarding also - diving with Spanish dancers is priceless.

Experienced and knowledgeable dive guides with excellent safety standards will introduce you to the best dive sites, some of them only known by a few. We do up to 4 dives a day, sometimes jumping from M/V Maya’s Dugong. We like to plan a before breakfast dive, evening briefings are to give the most information for the upcoming day. 

The vessel is equipped with a compressor and 2 emergency oxygen units. Every dive guide is a first aid instructor. The convenience of M/V Maya’s Dugong is to allow us flexibility and fast action. To find out more about the ultimate diving experience in paradise Seychelles, contact your Mason's Travel representative.

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