Friday, 13 November 2015

Fishing in Seychelles: Seychelles Sports Fishing Club and Mason's Travel Conservation League

Seychelles Recreational and Sports Fishing Anglers Setting New Records for Conservation

Angler's recently reached the 200th billfish tagged and released in the inaugural SSFC/Mason's Travel Conservation League.  The Conservation League encourages all recreational and sports fishing anglers to tag and release billfish caught using The Billfish Foundation tags.


The Conservation League has an impressive listing including tourists and Seychellois alike.  Seychelles, United States, Switzerland, Ukraine, UAE, Kenya, South Africa, France, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Russia, India, Germany, and Italy all are represented.  The list includes tag and release of sailfish and marlin and recently, 2 swordfish have been tagged and released in the League.  In addition, four juniors under the age of 16 years old are also represented.

In the latest update, Denis Private Island's Fishing Guide & Skipper, Rolly Pierre, recorded his 100th sailfish tagged and released in less than 1 year.

Grant Heyer, Secretary of Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC), commented "Our members and tourists have all surpassed our expectations.  Over the last 6 years, only 180 billfish had been tagged and released in Seychelles waters.  In the past 339 days, 208 billfish have been tagged and release beating the total for the past 6 years."

On average in the SSFC/Mason's Travel Conservation League, a billfish is tagged and released every 1.65 days.

Speaking on the success of the league thus far, Mason's Travel's Branding and Communications Manager, Nicole St. Ange, expressed her enthusiasm for this year's results.

"We are delighted that this initiative has been such a great success so far - conserving our fishing grounds is vital not only to ensure food security for generations to come, but also to preserve this valuable attraction for our tourism economy."

"Mason's Travel is dedicated to conserving the natural splendour of Seychelles and this ongoing partnership with the SSFC is an example of our commitment to conservation," she added.

Guests enjoying sustainable tag-and-release fishing off Denis Private Island


Chairman of SSFC Tarak Patel also expressed his satisfaction with the current Conservation League.  "Not only does the Conservation League focus on conserving the Seychelles Marine Environment, it also helps to showcase how many billfish in Seychelles waters are caught per year.  This information has never been recorded before and it will help to further advance the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club's Conservation focus as well as promoting Seychelles as an exciting sports fishing destination."

If you would like to participate in the SSFC/Mason's Travel Conservation League, contact SSFC for your The Billfish Foundation tags.

If you are a tourist who supports conservation of the ocean, make sure your charter boat company you select supports tag and release or contact your Mason's Travel representative to find out more about, or book, sustainable tag-and-release fishing charters in Seychelles.

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