Thursday, 12 November 2015

Industry News: Visa & Entrance Requirements to Seychelles

Lifting of Visa Restrictions for Some African States Affected by Ebola

The Seychelles Public Health Commissioner and the Department of Immigration have revised the measures taken earlier this year to curb the threat of ebola virus entering the country.

In this regard, the travel restrictions imposed on the nationals of various African states, or travellers who have visited those countries, has now been lifted. The only country still affected by the ban is
Guinea (Conakry).

The aforementioned nationals are not to travel to Seychelles without having obtained the necessary visa in their respective passport, failing which entry in Seychelles will be refused and returned on the same flight.

With the exception of Seychellois citizens admission into the Republic of Seychelles will also be refused to any national if they have visited tGuinea (Conakry) within 28 days prior to travelling to Seychelles. All Seychellois citizens require the expressed permission of the Public Health Commissioner, to travel to Guinea (Conakry).

 These measures also apply to passengers and crew of any ship that visits any port in the affected countries, namely Guinea Conakry.

This advisory will be revised periodically depending on circumstances and progression of the Ebola outbreak.

Please Note: Kosovo Nationals are not permitted to travel to Seychelles.

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