Sunday, 20 December 2015

Hotel Updates: denis Private Island, Seychelles

A tree in the Indian Ocean to call your own! Newlyweds on Denis Private Island Cap Wedding with Tree-Planting Ceremony

For most married couples, re-visiting that “special day” involves looking through photo albums and professional wedding videos. But for Anne and Moritz Monschau, it will mean checking up on a tree in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on Denis Private Island in the Seychelles


The couple from Germany got married last month on Denis after being together for over 12 years, and took advantage of the island hotel’s “Adopt a Tree” programme as part of their ceremony.

The programme, run in concert with the island’s resident environment NGO, the Green Islands Foundation, offers guests the opportunity to plant a tree that will be marked in their name, in exchange for a donation of their choosing.


“Planting a tree is like a symbol of life to us,” the couple said in an e-mail. “A tree grows like a relationship grows over time. At the same time it is close to nature and will not forget its roots.”

"Adopting a tree also provides Denis’ guests with an opportunity to form part of the island’s legacy, which has seen the rehabilitation of its forest habitats allow for numerous ecological projects, including the translocation of endangered bird species," Denis Private Island Communications Manager Nicole Ste Ange said. “It’s becoming a very popular activity especially for weddings, honeymooners and even anniversaries.”

In fact, it was the island’s environmental credentials that led Anne and Mortiz to choose Denis as their wedding destination in the first place.

“Denis Private Island came to our attention because of its intimate size and natural, environment-focused vision,” the couple said via e-mail. “We enjoyed so much a natural life without mobile phones, without room keys and without shoes. The team was professional and like a family at the same time to make our wedding outstanding.”

While their island wedding experience remains a vivid memory that Anne and Mortiz can now treasure in the middle of a European winter, their thoughts of returning are not far away, either.

“We will come back to Denis Island to see ‘our’ tree,” they said. “It will always remind us of this very special moment in life.”

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