Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hotel Updates: Sun Properties & Resort

Construction Site Near Sun Properties & Resort 

Sun Properties & Resort has announced a construction project that has started close to their premises.

The construction is not part of the hotel. However, it will affect the noise level on their premise.The location of the construction is opposite the resort's B & C block of their Standard Rooms facing their pool area.

"During the time of the construction we are doing our utmost to make our clients stay comfortable. We are avoiding bookings in these two blocks and are booking most clients in the A Block rooms," explains a communiqué from Sun Properties & Resort's Mrs Clara Fontaine. We will inform our partners when we notice the construction being completed as we cannot commit on a completion date"

"We apologies for the inconveniences that this may cause to your clients and we hope that they do enjoy their stay with us," she added. 

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