Monday, 7 December 2015

Hotel Updates: Villa Koket

Ongoing Construction at Villa Koket

Kindly note that we have been advised that there is construction taking place at Villa Koket as follows:

i) Construction of a steak house kiosk which is to provide clients with light lunch and dinner.  As per the hotel this started a while back and the management of the property has advised that work only takes place when there are no clients around. 

There has been no construction / work done on the kiosk for some time now as it is nearly completed, except for the shutters which are being made outside of Villa Koket and therefore there is no construction noise being generated.

i) Construction of apartment buildings which is taking place close to the property which lies between Villa Koket and Le Bonheur.  This construction is not part of Villa Koket and belongs to SACOS.  

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