Saturday, 19 December 2015

Seychelles National Junior Fishing Tournament 2015

Mason’s Travel Sponsors Successful 3rd Annual SSFC Seychelles National Junior Fishing Tournament

The Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC) welcomed 125 juniors to the 3rd Annual SSFC Seychelles National Junior Fishing Tournament at the  Marine Charter Association on Saturday, 12th December 2015 in what has become the largest yearly junior fishing event in all of Seychelles. 

Mason’s Travel is the main sponsor of the event  and together with SSFC and other sponsors, as well as the support of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), it was a special day that the children will not forget for a long time. 

There was an  excitement in the air as the juniors began to board Mason’s Travel catamarans “Anahita” and “Indiana.” Various other local boat owners also donated their vessels for the day. 

“The organisation of the event was perfect and the excitement and interest shown by the juniors showed that many of them had been waiting for this day since our event last year,” said Grant Heyer, SSFC’s Secretary. “The idea behind the tournament is to educate the juniors while allowing them to experience firsthand the thrill of catching and releasing fish. Many of the children who came from the President’s Village and the Foyer de Nazareth orphanages have never fished before, so we hope that the memories will stay with them forever.” 

A highlight for the event was the first ever catch of a Sailfish during the tournament, an approximately 30kg specimen caught off Mamelles Island. The winning fish, caught by team ‘Cheetah’ was weighed, tagged and released as part of the ongoing Mason’s Travel / SSFC Conservation league which runs year round in support of the The Billfish Foundation and promotes sustainable sport-fishing practices in Seychelles.

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