Wednesday, 27 January 2016

M.I.C.E / Groups & Incentives in Seychelles, with Mason's Travel

Group Effort: Mason’s Travel & INTERCOM team up for high-end incentive trip

Hosting more than 100 people in a small island paradise is no easy task, but when a prominent European company decided to reward its top sales agents with an action-packed holiday to Seychelles, Mason’s Travel poised itself to deliver.


Organised in coordination with Germany’s INTERCOM, Mason’s Travel designed a six-day itinerary that managed to showcase some of Seychelles’ best attractions and leisure spots, while at the same time juggling the massive logistics challenge of transporting, catering for and entertaining 112 people all around the islands.

With a multitude of islands, and an infrastructure relative to its small size, Seychelles doesn’t always make for the easiest place to manage large groups, so local expertise and destination knowledge becomes all the more critical, according to Mason’s Travel's PR Manager Nicole St Ange.

 “There are so many amazing things you can do for groups in Seychelles, but for that amount of people even simple activities require a lot of work behind the scenes,” St Ange said.


“In addition to coordinating with partners and suppliers, our team is very hands-on and that’s one of the reasons many companies rely on Mason’s Travel for this side of the travel market.”

The bidding process for the group started more than a year before the planned travel dates, and even saw a familiarisation visit by INTERCOM, in addition to the usual fine-tuning and preparation work.


“We pride ourselves on creating authentic experiences for the groups that we host, and we know that the extra touches can make all the difference,” St Ange said. “Every itinerary we prepare is carefully scrutinised to ensure the experience is as impactful and memorable as it can be.”

Upon arrival, the INTERCOM group checked into the Constance Ephelia Resort, where a welcome reception with a buffet of light snacks awaited, for a unique check-in experience. From there, the group enjoyed a number of tailor-made excursions and activities throughout the itinerary.

“All the preparation and hard work is worth it when you see that the clients are impressed with the effort and have had a great trip,” Annabel Mahoune said. 

 “For some of these travellers, it’s the trip of a lifetime and that’s a big responsibility for us, but it’s so rewarding for our team to create memories that we know they will always remember.”

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Here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights of the visit organized by Mason’s Travel

•    An exclusive charter of an entire deck of the local passenger ferry, for a one-day excursion to Praslin that allowed for visits to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vallée de Mai, and the world-famous Anse Lazio beach, by splitting into two alternating groups.

•    A sunset cruise with catered finger-foods from one of Mahé’s premier restaurants, and a reef safari for snorkelling in the Baie Ternay Marine Park, onboard Mason’s Travel own spacious leisure catamarans, Catalina and Anahita (organised on different days).

•    A “Behind the Scenes” bus tour with stops in Victoria, the Tea Factory, and Jardin du Roi.

•    A Creole-themed dinner evening at the renowned Chez Batista Restaurant, complete with a music, folk-lore and cultural show by the Tanmi Group.

•    A Robinson Crusoe evening on the beach with traditional craft lessons in weaving coconut leaves and rum tasting around a bonfire, as well as a local band and DJ for entertainment.

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