Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hotel Updates: Le Relax Hotel Group, Seychelles

Le Relax Hotels is pleased to introduce ‘The Tandoor’ Indian Cuisine in Seychelles

The Le Relax Hotel Group - with poolside restaurants at their hotels on Mahé and Praslin islands, as well as a sea facing restaurant at their hotel on Ladigue - have announced the introduction of Tandoor delicacies into their Indian Cuisine Menu.

Tandoori Cuisine - that is traditional North Indian Cuisine cooked in a traditional 'tandoor' - is a favourite among indian food lovers. A tandoor is a traditional clay pot, that acts as an oven, and food cooked in this method is known as tandoori. The clay pot, along with unique recipes from this region as well as the particular method of cooking tandoor, give this cuisine a unique and delectable flavour.

"As Seychelles is a multi-cultural country, our goal is to enable guests to have different kinds of experience, and food is one of the things that they look forward to," explains a communique from the hotel group's management.

 "That is why we are pleased to announce, new and exotic Tandoori food available at three of our properties; Le Relax Hotel and Restaurant (Mahé), Le Relax Beach Resort (Praslin) and Le Relax Beach House (La Digue)."

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