Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Upcoming Events: International Carnaval de Victoria

Get Ready for Carnaval  International de Victoria 2016

Its almost that time of year again when Seychelles is in the international spotlight as it hosts the 2016 edition of Carnaval International de Victoria - set set for April 22-24 2016.

Attracting participants and carnival-goers from all over the world, the 'Seychelles Carnaval' is a highlight on the annual calendar and is marked by a plethora of activities across three days of festivities.  

The celebrations reach their fever-pitch on the Saturday (23rd) when thousands attend the Carnaval Parade as it meanders through the streets of Victoria, Seychelles capital.

Delegations from around the world participate bringing with them all the vibrant colours, sounds, customs, costumes, song and dance of their respective countries, adding to an electric eclectic spectacle that does nothing short of wow the crowds of people that line the streets.

With such a melting pot of culture, Seychelles's carnaval has earned the 'intenational' in its moniker!

For visitors to Seychelles, or those wanting to visit, carnival time is a fabulous time to visit this paradisaical island destination. You of course get all that you would expect - the palm fringed beaches, warm crystalline waters, lush tropical forest - but from April 22 - 24 2016 you'll get all of that and so much more!

Article & Photography, for Mason's Travel, by © Niki Gower / NGMC Seychelles

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