Wednesday, 9 March 2016

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Mason's Travel Maintains Mutuaide 100% Confidence Rating

Mutuaide, a leading provider of travel insurance services, has recently awarded Mason's Travel with a 100% Confidence Rating and A+ Quality Score in reference to Mason's Travel's continued successful provision of professional assistance to Mutuaide's clients visiting Seychelles.


The updated quality scoring given to Mason's Travel for the second semester of 2015 is:

Number of cases handled during the second semester: 8
Number of complaints noted and validated: 0
Confidence rate: 100 %

Quality score is therefore: A

"We would like to congratulate your team for both the high level quality of services provided to our clients and your commitment, and most of all for the great image of Mutuaide Assistance that you convey to our clients," says Mutuaide's Philipp Berger. "We reaffirm our complete trust and dedication to you."

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