Monday, 2 May 2016

Airline Updates: Air Seychelles

Update to Air Seychelles Domestic Baggage Allowance 

Air Seychelles, the national carrier of Seychelles, has announced the following amendments to their domestic flight baggage allowance clause.

The airline recommends soft luggage on board, and for scheduled flights, passengers should please advised of the baggage allowances for domestic flights as follows: 

  • Passengers are allowed a maximum of 20kgs per person on Mahé-Praslin and Praslin-Mahé for connecting passengers
  • Connecting passengers holding an international ticket which includes the Mahé / Praslin sector or a separate Mahé / Praslin ticket are allowed  their respective international baggage allowance. This applies to direct connecting passengers to Praslin and passengers who require an overnight stopover on Mahé
  • All passengers who have a stopover of more than one night holding an international ticket or a separate Mahé/Praslin/Mahé ticket are allowed 20kgs per person
  • Passengers travelling with sporting equipment (Golf bags and Diving equipment) are entitled to an extra 15kgs per person baggage allowance, Air Seychelles reserves the right to refuse to carry baggage that does not conform to their safety regulations or are too bulky to be taken on board.
  • Luggage storage facilities are available at hotels and airports. for safety reasons, separate arrangements will need to be made for any excess luggage, and neither Mason's Travel, or the airlines, are able to accept liability for un-loaded excess luggage. Please note, excess luggage is strictly not accepted on Bird Island flights.

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