Friday, 27 May 2016

Hotel Updates: Bird Island

Guy Savy: Bird’s island boy

Learn more about the man who started it all. Follow Glynn Burridge in the second issue of Inside Seychelles, as he re-counts Mr Guy Savy’s history with one of the most well known island’s of the Seychelles archipelago.

“Guy Savy is an island boy, pure and simple, who knows and understands islands probably better than anyone in the country. His custodianship of Bird Island, Seychelles’ most northerly outpost, began in 1967 upon his return to Seychelles from New Zealand where he spent several years studying accountancy.

He and a partner, Mr Delorie, acquired Bird at a time when the island was much the worse for wear from years of human disturbance of the island’s famous colony of sooty terns whose population during the 1950s plummeted from somewhere near a million birds to scarcely 65,000. And so began the long process of clawing back the island from the brink of ecological disaster through sensitive conservation and eco-friendly tourism…”

To continue reading this full story in Inside Seychelles, CLICK HERE.

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