Friday, 3 June 2016

Auberge d' Anse Boileau & Restaurant Chez Plume

Take Note of Significant Changes About to Take Place

We hereby inform our esteemed partners and colleagues in the industry of the following significant changes about to take place within our establishment.

For the last 20 years until 2016, the Hotel and Restaurant has closed every June for the whole month. This year, management has decided to make some changes to this scenario.


From June 2016, the rooms will be closed and there will be no dinner service, however the restaurant will be open daily for Lunch from 12pm-3pm from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive.
From June 2017, the hotel and restaurant will no longer close at all, with all facilities opening all year round, inclusive of Rooms, Lunches and Dinners.

For tour operator partners and partners please be advised to change your copy relating to Auberge d’Anse Boileau and Restaurant Chez Plume in brochures for 2016/2017 to reflect that they do not close in June, and the month of June will be considered as low season.

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