Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fishing in Seychelles: Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island Fishing News: The Final Week of the Season Ends with the 60th Permit for the Season


The final week of the 2015/16 Alphonse Island fishing season has come and gone, and the Alphonse fishing co. team has extended their utmost appreciation and thanks to all their guests that have visited the island over the course of the last few months.

The South East monsoon season is on its way and during the final week we saw the beginning of the prevailing off-season wind. A steady 12 to 18 knot wind throughout the week kept the water nice and cool and the fish hungry. Kicking off the week with a cold slow moving neap tide only meant that the spring tides later on in the week were going to bring big water movement at the perfect temperature. 

The triggerfish fishing was very good, for some reason or other the fish seemed to be very hungry, as the variation in tides started getting greater we were able to spend more and more time out in the surf targeting triggers.

Not only was the trigger fishing phenomenal but the GT's also made an impressive appearance throughout the entire week.  An amazing final day of the season saw the biggest GT landed and six triggerfish caught ended with the 60th Indo-Pacific permit of the Alphonse Island season.

This is why fishermen come to places like this. 

The next Alphonse Fishing Season starts on the 1st Oct 2016.

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