Monday, 4 July 2016

Hotel Updates: Constance Ephélia Seychelles

Constance Ephélia Seychelles Introduces New American Buffet

Once again, Chef Baube and his
culinary team have amazed the guests of Constance Ephélia Seychelles by presenting an exceptional buffet on 4 July to mark the celebrations of the US Independence Day.

The kitchen staff proposed an appealing menu, showcasing the various typical recipes of USA, coloured with The Stars and Stripes. Only by looking at the buffet, it was on for a unique culinary journey.


Constance Ephélia's American buffet was full of surprises. The grill corner proposed hot dogs, burgers with cheddar sauce, beef, pork ribs and grilled chicken. The street food concept was indeed revisited the 5-star way.

Above the gustatory pleasure of the tender beef, it was brilliantly paired with the sumptuous Langue de Pomerol, Château Sergant, 2014, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.


Other dishes included nachos, tacos, burrito, fried onion rings and chimichangas.

The meal wouldn't have been complete without the dessert corner. The cheese-cake was quite imposing, yet light enough to leave some space for the flan or the traditional American Pie. The Chef and his team also proposed a candy floss machine so as to end this culinary experience on a sweet note.

The new American Buffet will usually be held on Saturdays, along with other themed buffets through out the week, such as Indian Buffet, Arabic Buffet and the Chef's Buffet.

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