Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Hotel Updates: Constance Ephelia

Constance Ephelia Introduces Brice Nicham Spa Collection

The Constance Ephelia hotel has now introduced the Brice Nicham Collection to its spa services – named after Brice Nicham, a medically trained podiatrist who developed a unique and efficient protocol combining medical chiropody with luxurious pedicure and manicure experiences.

The process is simple, and involves a 60 minute spa treatment that combines three domains of expertise to give a therapeutic effect to the feet.

During the medical pedicure, the specialist treats the skin and nail. The process is done by Constance Ephelia’s in-house chiropodist who did his training in France before working in a hotel environment in Mauritius and now the Seychelles. 

The beautifying of the feet, is done only after all medical treatments are done. It consists of the shaping and shining of the nails, followed by a massage that aims to trigger blood circulation on the feet and legs. 

Brice Nicham discovered chiropody and began his medical career in 2007, in Pairs. As an aesthete in favour of a global and personalized well-being, Brice soon left medical practices to set up foot care protocols along with his own luxurious, glamorous and efficient perspective on chiropody. He has therefore combined medical expertise with well-being in “Brice’s Pedicure”.

His professional qualities brought him to work with the most prestigious hotels in Paris – Titz, Georges V, Fouquet’s, Majestic, Eden Roc – dedicating himself to VIPs and implementing his new attractive and profitable discipline in the world of Spas. In 2010, he left Paris and moved to New York City to collaborate with the hippest hair salon in Manhattan dedicated to international personalities.

He was soon offered the opening of his first foot care dedicated space, before getting the unique opportunity of offering his services in VIP complexes in some of the biggest international airports. Conveying a sense of elegance and know-how, these facilities are currently offered all around the world – including aboard some of the world’s most magnificent private jets.

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