Monday, 11 July 2016

Mason's Travel News

Mason’s Travel to Offer ‘Eco-Luxury’ Transfers with Porsche Hybrids 

Mason’s Travel is launching a new luxury transfer service that will represent both a step up in comfort and class for VIP travellers, while reducing carbon emissions as part of its ongoing environmental mission. 

Two new Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrids will be the latest additions to the Mason’s Travel fleet, offering VIP visitors to Seychelles the opportunity to be chauffeur-driven in one of the world’s most stylish and comfortable vehicles.

“Often luxury is associated with being wasteful or not very environmentally friendly, but this is a wonderful example of how the latest technology can be great for the environment,” said Nicole St Ange, Mason’s Travel PR, Branding & Communications Manager. “Hybrid engines are especially efficient in Seychelles due to the nature of the roads and the fact that there is very little high-speed driving.”

According to Car and Driver, which independently rates automobiles worldwide, the highly rated Cayenne is a combination of “luxury, off-road ability, and sports-car performance—just what you would expect in a Porsche SUV. The Cayenne is easy to hustle around curves and is equally ready for family duty.”

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