Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hotel Updates: Bird Island Lodge

Bird Island: The Good Life Under Clear Blue Skies

Bird Island is truly amazing. It is the most northerly island of the Seychelles. Bought by the present owners in 1967, it was once a plantation. A small hotel was built to en-able people to enjoy the abundant wildlife. There are millions of birds, and to sit on my verandah, surrounded by orange cordia and white frangipani trees, watching white-tailed tropics, lesser noddies and the little red Mad-agascar fodies was such a treat.

Article By: Eleanor Coggin (The Sunday Independent, Ireland)

They wander in your door and sit on the furniture. One insisted on sitting on my packet of fags and wouldn’t get up. A health-conscious avian.   

Robby has been the conservationist here for 30 years and a nature walk with him is a must. He pointed out a white-tailed tropic feeding her young with sardines and furry chicks with their mums. His love for the wildlife is infectious. He appears to know the meaning of every sound the birds make and he makes them back. We had our own Dr Dolittle tortoise stroll past our verandah too. Esmer-alda, who is reported to be the oldest tortoise in the world, lives here. He is very heavy and breaks the scales, is very old, and likes the shade. I felt a real affinity with him (despite the name, he’s a boy). My soul-mate. Not too fond of the intense heat, struggles with the weight, and getting old. Lots of similarities.

Nick Savy is the son of the man who purchased the island in 1967 and runs the lodge now. His great grandmother was an O’Sullivan from Cork, and his gorgeous little four-year-old daughter Isla has inherited the red hair. His mum loved Ireland and regularly went there for St Patrick’s Day. Sadly, she passed away last year on, believe it or not, March 17.


Bird Island 

Bird Island is a must. Nature at its best. Respect for the wildlife is essential. The ethos is that we humans are visitors on their island. Robby the conservationist is brilliant. He pointed out the details of the anatomy of the tortoise. Poos, peeps and penis, the three ‘p’s’ under one flap. Information I will never forget. Michel Roux honeymooned here and is coming back later in the year. Oliver Reed was also a visitor to the lodge.

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