Saturday, 7 January 2017

Conservation News: Green Islands Foundation and North Island Seychelles

Intern Ellie Moulinie Recounts Her Experience Working on GIF's Myna Eradication Project on North Island Seychelles

The Green Islands Foundation (GIF) is responsible for conservation on the beautiful North Island Seychelles, and the organisation recently hosted Ellie Moulinie for an internship program. Here she recounts her time spent with GIF on the island and her work with the ongoing Myna eradication project. 


The sea was quite rough but we arrived safely. Jeremy was there to greet Dillys and I when we arrived then it was off to the rat room. Jeremy showed us to our house in the village followed by lunch. In the afternoon we went to the office where we met CJ and Tarryn and i was briefed about the Myna eradication project. 

That same day we went on an afternoon round to visit the sites where the cages where situated and Jeremy guided us on how to go about feeding the Decoys, how to handle a Myna and the procedures taken when a Myna was caught. We were lucky that day as Jeremy saved a Myna for Dillys to kill. She was so excited!!

Next morning we went on our morning round with Jeremy and it was pouring at 6am! What an adventure in the gator though! Once I got used to the sites and cage numbers the work got better though the only disadvantage where those huge mosquitoes which seem to be everywhere! We lost two decoys due to injury but there were spare decoys so we were able to replace them.


I really enjoyed helping in the project as i enjoy working out in the field and being able to handle the Mynas was just great. I learned how to use the GPS for changing the sites for the traps and also how to measure wing span, eye patch colour and ring tagging (i think that's how you say it). 

The early mornings were painful but we diffinitely had enough time to relax before we took on our afternoon shifts. We got the chance to go for a boat ride round the island on christmas day which was super amazing as the weather was excellent so we got to see the real beauty of North!!

On our morning round on Christmas day we were at the round about next honeymoon beach checking the cages so i told Dillys its such good weather how about we go have a look on the beach and to our surprise we saw a Hawksbill turtle who had just finished laying her eggs and was on her way back to the sea! I was so excited as the last time i saw a turtle this close was many years ago. That was truly a great christmas gift which made my time on north extra special! The staff are so friendly and I sure made lots of friends.

I do wish to be back  on North Island to help out with other projects but only time will tell. 


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