Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Conservation News: North Island Seychelles

Seven Baby Aldabra Tortoises Released into  the Wild, Four New Hatchlings Found

Over the course of December and January, North Island released all of the baby Aldabra Giant Tortoises into the wild. At the same time, we have been very lucky to find four new hatchlings in December, for which they have built a brand-new pen attached to the Environment Office.


Baby tortoises are kept in a pen for 3 to 6 years to protect them until they are big enough to be seen easily on the roads (when they are roughly the size of a coconut). With plenty of food and a ready supply of water, they are thriving in their new home; and with evidence suggesting that Aldabra Giant Tortoises may live to over 200 years old, they can look forward to a long and happy life ahead of them on North Island.

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