Monday, 9 January 2017

Hotel Updates: Bird Island Lodge

Update to Policy for Fishing from Bird Island

As the Seychelles becomes an increasingly popular fishing destination, a deeper concern for our marine ecosystem arises. Bird Island’s priority as an eco-lodge is to maintain the natural environment of the Island and its surrounding marine life and a manner in which we work towards this is by encouraging sustainable tourism practices.

Steps have thus been taken to  stop offering offshore boat fishing as a recreational activity from the Island.

The more sustainable approach of fly-fishing, also known to follow a general conservation  ethic of catch-and-release will be possible from our shores. Fishing from the shore or reef  flats instead of boats means a reduction in anchor damage to fragile coral reefs, no  disturbance, for example by boat engines to marine ecosystems and most importantly a  reduction in the numbers and species of fish caught off Bird Island for sport. It is also a step  forward in our pursuit of offering non-motorized activities only.


Fishing from Bird Island is for the responsible angler, the person who is happy to bring his own gear and practice proper catch-and-release, who is conscious of man’s impact on fragile reefs, who understands the steps taken by Bird Island to protect its marine ecosystems and  knows that they too have a responsibility in trying to protect such environments. Putting such  eco-minded policies into practice can help to protect fragile ecosystems while providing  a high quality tourism experience with minimal negative impacts to the environment.

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