Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Carnaval International de Victoria

Seychelles Carnaval 2017: Dates Re-Scheduled for October

The 'Carnaval International de Victoria,'  also known as the Seychelles Carnaval, has been moved to a later date this year - in October.

Since its inception in 2011, the Seychelles Carnaval has been traditionally held in April, but as of this year it will now be incorporated as part of the annual Creole Festival held in October each year.  

The decision was made by the newly formed Creative Industries and National Events Agency, (CINEA), which is tasked with coordinating national cultural enterprises and events. By aligning the carnaval with the Creole Festival - a celebration of local Creole culture - the aim is  to strengthen both events under one unified occasion. 

"This is who we are as Creole, as Seychellois, a melting pot of cultures* , so it is fitting that the carnival is held during the Creole festival, a time when we celebrate our identity, our rich, diverse culture," says chief executive of CINEA, Gaelen Bresson

*[editors note: Italicized words are the official slogan of the Seychelles Carnaval]

According to the CINEA, the participating countries for the Seychelles Carnaval 2017 have been informed of the change of dates and many of them have already confirmed that they would still be intending on participating at the later date. 

The exact date of the the carnaval parade - the main feature of past occasions of Carnaval International de Victoria - has not yet been announced, but Mason's Travel will keep you informed on any further developments. 

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