Monday, 20 March 2017

Conservation News: Cerf Island Resort

Catching up with the Cerf Island Conservation Program

Cerf Island Resort continues to promote & preserve the marine life around it’s location. Cerf Island  conservation Program is succeeding in making good progress in this aspect. Along with offering complimentary snorkeling and hiking trails experience to our resorts guests.

Efforts are being made to grow & maintain coral reefs surrounding Cerf Island. In October the team placed 5 artificial reef frames & created 2 coral nurseries to rebuild the structural complexity of the reef ecosystem as refuge and foraging territory for a number of reef critters and fish. This had to be done as much of the coral structures was destroyed due to dead & weakened coral colonies from the 1998/2016 bleaching, 2004 tsunami and the damages from boat anchors and snorkelers. Hence the broken corals are given a second chance to reattach & reach sexual maturity over the years.

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