Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hotel Updates: Le Duc de Praslin Hotel & Villas

Le Duc de Praslin Increases its Green Footprint

Le Duc de Praslin Hotel & Villas has recently installed a new PV (Photovoltaic System) in its drive to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce its total dependence on electricity supply from the local utilities company.

The installation was carried out over a period of two weeks by Energy Solutions Seychelles and the system will offset 56.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide this equals to 130 barrels of crude oil not being consumed to produce electricity. 

To put this into a better perspective, the 56.2 metric tons of CO2 represents a year’s electricity consumption for 8.3 homes for a whole year.

“At Le Duc de Praslin, we are constantly innovating and ensuring that we offer our clients the best in terms of service and also their comfort. We are also playing our part in reducing our carbon footprint and our dependence on the congested PUC electricity grid. In fact, this new system will allow us to contribute towards power generation by feeding the excess back into the grid. This is only the first stage of and we are working with Energy Solutions and we hope that the government approves our second phase, which will double the existing output. This is all in line with our country’s drive to turn Seychelles into a greener country,” said Robert Payet the GM of the hotel.

"At ESS we believe in the effects of climate change and we all have a moral responsibility to this planet. So when we have clients like Mr. Robert Payet, not only implementing but really passionately embracing renewable energy (PV) because of his understanding that our environment is precious to us all, it gives us a real sense of accomplishment, knowing that we were able to help Le Duc de Praslin Hotel reduce its own carbon footprint through renewable energy (PV). This is an excellent example how going green can add value to one's business, while at the same time benefiting us all,” said Richard Hoareau the Director of Energy Solutions Seychelles.

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