Monday, 6 March 2017

Hotel Updates: Valmer Resort Seychelles

Valmer Resort Upgrades Guest Experience

Valmer Resort Seychelles continues to enhance its guests’ comfort factor with recent upgrades in its customer service experience. The secluded homegrown hotel located in the picturesque Baie Lazare area, is aiming to provide the best hospitality experience by constantly adding amenities and features to the benefit of its ever discerning clients.


A complete coverage Wi-Fi system is now operational and clients can have access to the worldwide web at the touch of their mobile devices. And it is free of charge! The technological enhancement also extends to a television entertainment package with 31 channels spanning several languages catering for our many nationalities making up our clientele mix.

A personal Nespresso service has also been introduced with all villas and rooms equipped with a Nespresso machine with a pods selection for the private convenience of guests.

Mr. Jacques Devoud, the owner/General Manager of Valmer Resort is putting a lot of emphasis on product enhancement and infrastructure improvements.


“As Valmer Resort positions itself as one of Mahé’s best small homegrown hotels, we are aiming for higher standards and constantly upgrading to ensure we give our clients excellent value for money. With our new rooms and Spa / Gym we are now aiming for new niche markets. These new additional facilities will further raise the quality of the experience that we offer at Valmer Resort,” said Mr. Devoud.

Valmer Resort is a tourism establishment offering a variety of accommodation options in a stunning setting of naturally landscaped backdrop of granite boulders and endemic palms. The resort prides itself in delivering an authentic Seychellois holiday experience in an affordable luxury comfort.

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